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It’s pretty hot. We’re filming out of sequence, so we first went into an episode later on when their relationship is in full steam. We filmed quite a steamy session.  - Outlander, The Wedding 1x07.

babycakesbriauna corinnestark blessedbeyoundmeasure15 he gotta stop! lol

He’s ruining my life. lol

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The Outlander Wedding Episode Is the Year’s Sexiest Television


Well, damn. 


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Hyperbole and Problematic Nonsense Kills Good Points


I’ve had some laughs about the latest SR debacle courtesy of a NYT article that ostensibly sought to promote HTGAWM. But the ensuing debacle and commentary that it has inspired just left me with thoughts of my own that I had to get out. Some may be unpopular, but y’all know me and know that IDGAF. My spirit has moved me and this is what I want to say about the situation.’

Sometimes I wonder if people dislike SR so much that it will allow them to ignore bullshit just because it contains some jabs at her. Because that’s much of what I saw on tumblr (I didn’t see it on twitter, I saw the opposite, which I will make a comment about below) and I would hope that most of y’all were smarter than that. Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see many nuanced comments that parsed the good stuff from the fuckshit. Just because you don’t like SR (shit, I’m not here for her either. I give props to here for being a black woman who has gotten this far in a field that is very male and white, but she’s like Tyler Perry to me, so…) doesn’t mean that you can’t call out the bullshit.

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I’m so here for people who don’t talk for nothing.

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The Most and Least Liked Fall TV Actors: Jim Parsons, Eric Stonestreet to Chris Pratt, Dylan McDermott - TheWrap






I was really surprised that Dylan McDermott had such a low Q score.  I was also surprised Scott Bakula and Chris Pratt’s was low too but I think Chris Pratt’s score will change this year. Tony and Scott are in the middle and Scott is ranked higher but only because more people recognize him.  They came in at a Q score of 18.

did you see the one with the actresses ??? Bellamy is ranked way higher than Kerry … this is bullshit … smh

I saw that one

Basically Bellamy ranks as a 17 known but had Q Score ranking that was  26 compared to Kerry’s 37 known but a Q score of 24.

That was kinda crazy actually.


But She’s professional. 

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Baby boy is stressed. Lol

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when Judy Smith comes to her defense, then we can talk or Audra McDonald


… i wont hold my breath for that and i wouldnt expect anyone else to either.  unless they want to die.

I Think my biggest dream concerning this show is that someday, at some panel someone will ask Shonda or the cast where Judy is and why she is not involved in the show anymore.

I hope someone will make gifs of their faces.

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I guess enough people weren’t talking about the show. I guess there wasn’t enough buzz. Some of y’all didn’t seem that committed to showing up & showing support. So in another episode of manufactured media spin - the most stereotyped & offensive things to be said about black women was put into an…

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He needs a woman, not a lassie.

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